Wellness Professionals

Dr. Goodstein is a member of the The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a national non-profit organization of doctors and healthcare professionals who donate their time and expertise to deliver high quality health and wellness programs to groups, organizations, schools, businesses and corporations. 

Corporate Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

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The health and wellness of  company employees is critical to productivity and job satisfaction. Lunch n'Learn lectures, seminars, and workshops are not only educational and informative but enjoyable. Lectures are typically 45 minutes to one hour.  All presentations are professionally delivered in PowerPoint format. Seminars and workshops can be half-day or full day. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly programs can be scheduled depending upon the needs of your group or organization. Dr. Goodstein has delivered Wellness Programs to Mastercard, Fuji, Coca-Cola, Kraft, SEPTA, Club Fit, Giles Communications, and Starwood to name a few.

To see a complete list of programs and topics that would be suitable for your group or organization visit the Foundation for Wellness Professionals .

Ergonomic Evaluations of Staff and Employee Workstations

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To reduce employee fatigue and increasing productivity, proper planning of new or existing workstation areas with ergonomically correct desks, keyboards, monitors, phones and chairs is very important  . Dr. Goodstein will personally visit your place of business and give specific recommendations to each employee and staff person's workspace.  He will make suggestions as needed while keeping within the budget of the company.

Health Fairs

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Health Fairs are an excellent way to expose employees to multiple healthcare options and modalities. They can be done once or twice a year. Dr. Goodstein is a member of Health Fair International and is well qualified to provide comprehensive chiropractic, stress, and wellness screenings.

Contact us today to schedule a Wellness Program for your group or organization at (914) 432-7117 or email us at [email protected]

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