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"Lower Back Pain/Disc Problems

I was suffering from degenerated herniated disks at L-3 and L-5, as well as neck problems. The combination of lower back stiffness and pain, combined with restricted side to side neck movement and soreness was making me miserable. I am an athlete, and although 53 years old, I am still very active. (Ice Hockey, Golf, working out, Etc.)

I had been suffering for almost 9 years. At the time I met Dr. Goodstein I would term my condition severe. My condition was caused by playing contact sports in my youth, through high school and a year of college, as well as genetics and lack of proper maintenance and prevention.My primary care physician suggested I try "alternative" treatments. I had already tried drugs, epidural injections, physical therapy, and had already been treated by ortho-pedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other standard so-called medical doctors. Because my pain does not radiate through my extremities, I am not candidate for surgery. (Boy I am thankful two surgeons both said that!)

Through a consultation visit, followed by three initial visits, Dr. Goodstein determined that he could help me. I decided to commit to a program of 3 to 4 months of relief and correction care (3 visits per week) as well as maintenance and follow-up care in the future. I also immediately purchased custom made orthotics and wear them at all times when wearing any footwear. I have had both immediate relief results as well as continual improving results over these first 3 to 4 months. I have very little stiffness or pain in my lower back for the first time in 9 years. I have improved neck rotation. I no longer get aches or stiff necks when driving for long periods of time. I feel much better all the time and have a bounce in my step that has been missing for years. "

- Bruce P.

"Lower Back Pain/Sciatica
I was suffering from a severe case of Sciatica. My ability to walk and sit was significantly inhibited, and I was unable to run at all. I had been to orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons and G.P.'s. No one seemed able to help me other than to prescribe lying on my back until the problem went away.

Until I first met Dr. Goodstein, my experience with chiropractors was non-existent and therefore, my confidence level with respect to chiropractors helping me was very low. Upon my first examination Dr. Goodstein revealed 12 to 14 skeletal muscle weaknesses and we began to work on strengthening those weaknesses through weekly visits and a regime of nutritional supplements. Within one week I started to experience some improvement in my ability to walk and sit, and within three weeks I was back on road running.

Over the next couple of months my improvement continued and I am glad to say now, 6 months later, in looking back on the problem, the results are somewhat miraculous. My running is blossoming and I continue to set personal records in each race. My mileage is more than ever (app. 60 miles/week) and I race four times a month. "

- Donald J. S.

"I personally appreciate Dr. Goodstein's help. Once again, thank you Dr. Goodstein. I bent down to pick something up off the floor from a seated position. Went to sit up and I experienced a sharp pain. Next thing I knew, I could not be in any position without extreme pain. I couldn't walk, and my left leg was numb and weak so without warning, it would give out causing me to fall. MRI tests prescribed by my neurologist showed severe pressure on my sciatic nerve root. My girlfriend, who is a nurse, suggested I see a chiropractor. During my first visit, Dr. Goodstein explained what had happened to my body, what my body needed to heal, the method he would use, and the phases of my body's recovery given the injury. Dr. Goodstein did not dwell on how bad my condition was; he focused on my body's strength. Dr. Goodstein's method worked. I have been exercising sensibly the last two months. I have not had any pain and the numbness and weakness I had felt in my left leg is just about gone. I now visit Dr. Goodstein once every four to six weeks for a "tune-up" with some diet supplements prescribed. Based on my experience, if anyone is looking for a caring, honest and skilled chiropractor, I strongly recommend Dr. Steven Goodstein."

- Linda H.

"Lung Conditions (Astma, Bronchitis)
I came down with a cold about seven weeks ago, which then turned into bronchitis and caused inflammation in my lungs. I have had asthma ever since I was seven years old, but could not remember a time when I had this much difficulty breathing. After three visits to my primary care physician and one visit to a pulmonary specialist, still not getting much better and feeling quite frustrated, I went to see Dr. Goodstein for my regular chiropractic visit. I should also mention that I was on a bunch on medicines, such as, prednisone, asmanex (another inhaled steroid for my asthma), a nebulizer, an allergy medicine and a bunch of herbs and vitamins to help support my lungs and my immune system.

Well, on this day, when I went to see Dr. Goodstein, I happened to mention to him how awful I was feeling, how much difficulty I was having with my asthma and how I was just not getting better after such a long time. After doing my regular adjustments, Dr. Goodstein spent some time listening to my complaints and by doing some muscle testing he discovered that there were some nerves impacting my lungs and breathing. He did an adjustment and I felt a little better. I went back to see Dr. Goodstein four days later, feeling desperate for anything to help me feel better and that is when the amazing thing happened. Dr. Goodstein did the muscle testing again and after finding the nerves that were affecting my breathing, he did an adjustment that caused such a big pop and release in my upper back and lower neck region. I thought wow! An hour later, I am not kidding when I tell you that I started to feel remarkably better! I was breathing easier, my voice started coming back to normal, there was less tightness in my chest and the irritation in my chest started lessening. I do strongly believe that after the adjustment that released the pressure on the nerves that were impacting my lungs, I was finally able to get better, breathe normally again."

-Lauren C.

"Sleep Disturbances My neck (left side) started hurting over the course of years. At some point I thought it was my mouse or work setup or stress that caused the cramping, numb but painful, aching around the big verterbrae (C5?). After almost 7 years of pain, it started to be stabbing and so painful I couldn't ignore it. I would have to stop working and massage it in order to keep working, sometimes every half an hour all day long! At points I thought I couldn't work anymore (even with an ergonomic re-setup) because it was so horrendous. I just dealt. When I left my desk job I thought I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, but it turned into painful night awakenings where my neck would seize up and I would have to gently work it free of the frozen position. I was ready to change my pillow, bed, everything. I didn't know how to solve this problem.

I saw a flyer at the library for a Sleep Disturbances talk and how to pick a good sleep pillow and i thought it was a sign. It turned out to be Dr. Goodstein and after the lecture I was ready to see if he could help me deal with my pain. I had no idea that chiropractic was a solution to my problem, I was just clueless. I was sceptical at first but I saw relief with 1 month. It was like a miracle. To start to be free of that unendurable pain it was like getting to start my life over. We did order a pillow (custom designed to support the neck during sleep) and, as uncomfortable as it is - i miss my soft stack of pillows, my night neck pain is gone! Gone, unbelieveable, I didn't think there was any way out of this nightmare. Now sometimes I forget I ever had to live with distress. If I miss a few adjustments it comes back and I am reminded of how life was, and I feel grateful all over again!!! It isn't 100% yet but the 80% better that is is enough for me to get on with my life and feel like I can function. Thank you Dr. Goodstein!"

- Leslie S., Certified Personal Trainer

  • I am so happy that I found Dr Goodstein!! After years of frustrating visits to other doctors (including specialists) , I am finally out of pain and on the road to recovery! Dr. Goodstein has helped me from the soles of my feet to the top of my spine….. Showing me the impact of my collapsed arches on my body to adjusting my neck which was injured in a car accident years ago! Oh, and by the way, Dr. Goodstein is also helping my son (with chiropractic and nutritional supplements) and my dau

    Show More - - Jane C
  • I've been meaning to write this testimonial for the longest to express my gratitude for your wonderful services. I've been your patient now for approximately 4 years and am always pleasantly relieved and de-stressed upon leaving your office. The physical stress of being a figure bodybuilder certainly takes its toll on my body and you always have the right adjustment to get me back in the gym in no time.

    Show More - - Lisandra M.
  • Arm and Hand Pain I started going to Dr. Goodstein in 2005 when the pain had stretched from my shoulder to my thumb. This was a pain I had lived with for over twenty years, trying everything from pain pills to other chiropractors. Besides making me a nicer person (i.e. pain free) to be with, I began to learn about the structure and connections in my own body and how to treat pain with pressure point strategies. My bi-monthly or monthly maintenance visits have made me feel structurally stronger

    Show More - -Mara M.
  • Arthritis I have a very stiff neck. I could barely move my neck in any direction. This problem was caused by Arthritis of the spine which I have known about for years but thought it was only in my lower back. I have been taking aspiring for pain for years. Now after 2 months of treatment I can move my neck in all directions without pain and I haven't taken any aspirin at all. I know that Arthritis can never be cured but treatment can certainly help.

    Show More - - K.M.L.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics The custom orthotics you ordered for me have been amazing. Whether I use them in my sneakers, shoes or boots, they've definitely made a difference in not only how my feet feel, but also in how the rest of my body works. They provide enough shock absorption for all the jumping I do and it actually feels uncomfortable when I'm not wearing them! Also, that constant ache I had in my Achilles tendon has pretty much disappeared. I love my orthotic inserts!

    Show More - - Lisandra M.
  • I want to thank Dr. Goodstein for introducing me to the Foot Levelers custom foot orthotics. I am a very active person in work and sports. I play basketball 3 times per week am a fairly good sized person (6'2", 200 lb. ). I have been noticing over the last several years that no matter how hard I was playing or training, that I wasn't able to use my size and strength on the basketball court. Since Dr. Goodstein scanned my feet and physically demonstrated to me what was happening due to my arches

    Show More - - Max M.
  • Digestive Disturbances I have been taking medication for acid reflux for 3 years. If I miss a pill I'm always aware of the symptoms. Since I have been treated by Dr. Goodstein my acid reflux has improved tremendously. I can actually feel the trapped air move while he adjusts me. I am now more comfortable, surprisingly more content after meals, and not uncomfortable if I skip a pill.

    Show More - - L.D.
  • I have terrible indigestion that is ongoing and very severe. Anything I eat bothers me. My physician suggested Nexium but I didn't want to take them. My results with Dr. Goodstein have been excellent. My digestive symptoms have subsided - totally.

    - - Cindy C.
  • Exercise Efficiency I am a certified Master Personal Trainer and have been going to another chiropractor for a pinched nerve in my neck for over a year now. After my progress had stalled with my previous chiropractor I decided to go to Dr. Goodstein for a full assessment. I was very impressed by his thorough assessment. Besides assessing the pinched nerve in my neck, several other mal-alignments were found. After several visits, and adjustments I can feel my body responding to his treatment and

    Show More - - M.T.
  • Fibromyalgia I was told by doctors that I had chronic fatigue (now fibromyalgia), severe arthritis, and a host of other conditions (maybe!) and dismissed with a prescription for painkillers, and sometimes physical therapy, which didn't work. After just six weeks in Dr. Goodstein's care, I am out of constant pain for the first time in thirty years!

    Show More - - Jane C.
  • My Fibromyalgia began as Lyme disease. My pain and fatigue has become progressively worse and has affected my entire body as well as my life. I have been to many other doctors and was given presciptions, dismissive attitudes, and very little in the way of improvement. My results with Dr. Goodstein are great!! I now have hope for even more improvement. He is my hero!

    Show More - - W.N.
  • Hip Pain When I came to the good doctor, my left hip hurt so badly I couldn't sleep, and I was afraid the pain meant a hip replacement was needed! Dr. Goodstein knew just how to help me with that too! He saw immediately that my sacroiliac needed adjustment, but was careful in how he manipulated it due to my fibromyalgia. By the way, he has treated me with supplements which are relieving that condition too!

    Show More - - Jane C.
  • Hot Flashes I would like to thank Dr. Goodstein for helping me with my hot flashes. He advised me to eliminate caffeine and recommended nutritional supplements to stimulate my adrenal glands. I have switched to water-processed, caffeine-free coffee, except for one cup a day at work, and herbal tea. My hot flashes have disappeared. It's great to be "cool" again. Thank you Dr. Goodstein.

    Show More - - Jo R.
  • Knee Pain As an amateur cyclist with an escalating career after many top 5 placements in the state competition, the last thing I needed was an injury. My left knee had been giving me problems; pain while training and none otherwise. My bicycle was perfectly set up for me so the problem was not mechanical. A friend who is a marathoner of national caliber recommended I see Dr. Goodstein. I went for an initial visit where I was examined and then explained the process of Applied Kinesiology. Af

    Show More - - Kevin B.
  • I began seeing Dr. Goodstein for treatment of chronic knee pain which had lasted 6 months. In that time I had already seen a Chiropractor, Podiatrist, and Physical Therapist. During the first session Dr. Goodstein discovered a jammed hip and knee, which was the initial cause of the injury, and muscle weaknesses contributing to the pain. On subsequent visits he also uncovered mineral and oil deficiencies in my diet which further weakened my muscles and aggravated the knee. After one month of trea

    Show More - - Peg M.
  • Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Acid Reflux, Headaches, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I have lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and acid reflux. I saw an orthopedist, neurologist, physical therapist, and another chiropractor. My results were inconsistent. I would be fine for a while taking shots but the problems would return when the shots wore off. Under Dr. Goodstein's care I have had very positive results including relief of my headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome which I didn't even consider he cou

    Show More - - LeAnne D.
  • I have lower back and neck problems. It began about 18 years ago. I was in two car accidents and got hit on the head (by items that fell off a shelf) in a drug store causing more neck pain. At times the pain is very severe. I have been treated by many other doctors but none of them cured the pain. Dr. Goodstein's care is able to keep my pain bearable. He has also helped me with my headaches.

    Show More - - C. F.
  • Multiple Symptoms I had calf cramps, muscle spasms, sharp knifelike leg pain, headaches, sinus problems, allergies, hand cramps and varicose veins. My face felt like it was paralyzed. I had pain that woke me up at night. I couldn't walk sometimes, my legs would collapse, and I am very nervous. I went to three different doctors and they all thought I had neurological problems. They wanted me to go for an MRI. Then my sister told me about Dr. Goodstein the "wonder" chiropractor. He found that

    Show More - - Caroline F.
  • Neck Pain Dr. Goodstein has adjusted my mid-back and neck, relieving my breathing, and longstanding neck pain associated with an old car accident. I never realized how little I could turn my neck! For the first time in years, I can turn almost full range without pain! We also do trigger point therapy, and Dr. Steve is always very careful with how much pressure to apply due to my soft tissue sensitivity. I would never have believed so much relief could be accomplished in so short a time….

    Show More - - Jane C.
  • I had severe neck pain and light headededness due to improperly treated whiplash which caused a thinned disc in my neck. I saw an orthopedist who said there was nothing physically wrong. I saw another chiropractor but the condition did not get better with regular "tune-ups". Under Dr. Goodstein's care I am now CURED. My neck and upper back problems are resolved.

    Show More - - C.R.
  • I had a pinched nerve in my neck for 7 months caused by tilting my head to one side and talking on the phone. The pain was very severe. As as result of Dr. Goodstein's care I have no more pain and the pinched nerve is gone.

    - - Diane T.
  • It began following a car accident 17 years ago. It was also aggravated by a wisdom tooth extraction that really didn't heal properly. The condition was quite severe requiring pain killers for relief. I have seen orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapists, and other chiropractors. No one was able to help me with my problems (I did get some relief from an accupuncturist). The orthopedists and neurologists didn't find anything "wrong with me". My results with Dr. Goodstein are excellent. I

    Show More - - Gene P.
  • I had chronic neck pain causing headaches and interrupted sleep for 6 months. It caused constant pain resulting in a depressed state. I saw another chiropractor and a massage therapist. My results with them were temporary with very short term relief. Under Dr. Goodstein's care I have "NO NECK PAIN!!!" I feel great. I am on maintenance care and coming two times per month.

    Show More - - L.A.

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