Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics

We use the latest digital foot scanning technology to evaluate the arches of your feet. Scans are saved into a digital file and sent over to the Foot Levelers lab where they are custom designed to meet your exact needs.


The feet have 3 critical functions:
1. Movement -  for walking, running, etc.
2. Support - the feet are the foundation of the body
3. Shock absorption protection - the 3 arches of the feet absorb and protect the spine and legs from damaging shock stresses while walking, standing, and running

Our office recognize the importance of proper foot biomechanics and the effects this has on your body and your health.

What is Pronation?
Pronation is a very common foot problem. It occurs when the arches of the feet collapse causing the foot to roll inwards. It is not uncommon to see your shoe's outside heel worn down with pronation. Pronation not only causes stress to the arches of the feet but to the rest of the body as well.  Unfixed foot pronation may lead to a host of other structural problems in the body, such as in the knees, hips, and lower back as well as the rest of the spine (see picture below).


What is Plantar Fascitis?
When Pronation has been present for a period of time a condition known as Plantar Fascitis can develop causing severe pain in the arch of the foot.  Plantar Fascitis is due to overstretching and inflammation of the elastic tissues running along the entire length of the bottom of the feet. This will cause pain and cramping on the underside of the arch. As Plantar Fascitis progresses it may create Heel spurs. Heel spurs are calcium deposits on the heel bone. They are very painful and difficult to treat. Sometimes surgery is needed to remove the spur.

What if my feet are fine?
Most often there is no foot pain until pronation has severely advanced. Even if the feet don't hurt a weakened foundation will adversely affect the rest of your body. If you are currently having knee, hip, low back, or neck pain, foot pronation may be aggravating the problem.

What are Custom Foot Orthotics?
Foot orthotics are a prescribed style of flexible, custom-made devices which are worn in all types of shoes. Dr. Goodstein uses Foot Leveler's, Inc. brand orthotics, which are scientifically designed for an individual's unique postural problems. They provide custom support for the three arches of your feet, and help improve total body wellness.


What do they do?
Foot Orthotics help to maintain structural and functional balance to the rest of your body as you stand, walk, or run. They help to keep your feet in a stable position all day long.

Why would you need them?
To support the arches of your feet, especially if you have pronation, Plantar Fascitis, or heel pain then. Foot orthotics are the most effective and conservative treatment for these conditions. Also, by correcting the foundation of your body, they may help your knee, hip, back, or neck problems to improve quicker and hold longer.

How are they made?
A computerized digital scan of your feet is taken in the standing, weight-bearing position (see photo on top of page). This data is then electronically sent to Foot Leveler's laboratory in Roanoke, Virginia where they are analyzed and then the orthotics are custom designed accordingly.

Is there a warranty on them?
There is a full one year warranty for modifications, materials and manufacturing defects. There is a 2-year warrantee on Lambson Leather orthotics.

Click here for a full line of Custom Sandalthotics for the spring and summer.

For more information about our custom orthotics visit the Foot Levelers website.

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