Patient Declaration

Name (Last, First): ________________________________________________________  Date (MM/DD/YEAR): ______________

I hereby consent to treatment and guidance while on the ChiroThin™ weight loss program. The ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program is a Chiropractor-supervised weight loss program that is designed to maximize weight loss by using specific combinations and blends of specific low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory foods in combination with the ChiroThin™ nutritional support formula. I agree to follow the program designed or modified by the ChiroThin™ supervising health provider. I further agree to attend all scheduled weekly appointments. I understand that up to 6 appointments are included in the price of the entire program. I also understand that the cost of the program is designed to include the cost of supervision, program materials and supplies.

___________ (Patient Initials) ___________ (Doctor Initials)

I agree to the following:
• I will eat every component of every meal as described.
• I will not skip any meals.
• I will take my drops as scheduled and will not miss taking them.
• I will not drink alcohol.
• I will take a daily multi vitamin and daily fiber tablets (to be approved by supervision doctor if not provided).
• I will not take any Essential Fatty Acid supplements while on the ChiroThin program.
• I will fill out my daily journal to be reviewed at the weekly sessions.
• I will drink my daily amount of recommended water.
• In order to achieve my desired goals, I agree not to quit or give up.
• I will be honest with myself and agree NOT TO DO things that are not in alignment with the program.

___________ (Patient Initials) ___________ (Doctor Initials)

I understand that once I have started my weight loss program there are NO refunds. I also understand that my program is NON-transferable. I understand that weight loss is NOT GUARANTEED with this program, but that other patients have experienced positive results while on the program.

___________ (Patient Initials) ___________ (Doctor Initials)

I understand that I undertake this program entirely at my own free will and risk and that my doctor will endeavor to take all due care. I understand that my doctor will rely on statements made by me to determine that the program is safe and will be effective for me. I have informed the doctor of all known physical and medical conditions as well as all medications that I am currently taking. I assume all responsibility and liability for any condition(s) or medication(s) I have failed to disclose.

___________ (Patient Initials) ___________ (Doctor Initials)

I hereby waive any potential claim for liability against the doctor and the makers of ChiroThin, and freely accept all liability and responsibility for my results while on this program.

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