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Chiropractic Care 


    The body is in constant internal motion, even when you are at rest. Two and a half million cells are replaced every minute of your life. Healing occurs when the body replaces unhealthy cells with healthier ones. It is your choice to help this process or ignore it. You can help your body to heal through a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise, good posture, a positive mental attitude, and a well functioning spine and nervous system. 
   Often, the health of the spine and nervous system is ignored in medicine. Unless there is a serious medical condition effecting it, physicians typically do not check it's function. This is where Chiropractic fits in and plays an important role in the health care system. The brain communicates to the body via the nerves that travel down the spine. For the body to function properly and heal itself, the spine and nervous system must be working properly. 
    It was discovered in 1895 that the vertebra of the spine can malfunction and put pressure on the nerves that travel through them. Pressure on a nerve is what people commonly refer to as a "Pinched Nerve". Pinched nerves, or what chiropractors call a "Subluxation" cause dis-ease, ill health, disruption of the normal healing process, and eventually a myriad of pain and symptoms. It is Dr. Goodstein's job and purpose as a chiropractor to diagnose and correct subluxations so that the body can repair and heal itself with it's most valuable healing resource - you.

What Heals the Body?  The body has an incredible ability to heal itself. When you really think about it, there is no drug, pill, potion, or surgery that can heal the body from the outside in. The best that these approaches can offer is the ability to aid the body in it's own healing process, although all too often the opposite actually occurs. While some drugs may be necessary for certain diseases, drugs often mask the true cause of a problem and they all have side effects or warnings, some which can be potentially very dangerous. Chiropractors can not legally prescribe any drugs or medications to treat people. Chiropractors recognize that all healing comes from within through the intelligence of the body and, therefore, they do not treat dis-ease or symptoms with drugs.

How Does Chiropractic Work? Chiropractic works according to the principles of spinal biomechanics and neurophysiology. Simply stated, when the vertebra of the spine are misaligned and putting pressure on the nerves, problems will occur within the body. These problems may manifest as symptoms, such as pain, achiness, burning, numbness, tingling, etc.., or there may be no symptoms at all. Instead there might be other signs of spinal dysfunction such as poor posture, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, spinal tenderness to touch only, a short leg, or reduced range of motion. As a chiropractor, my treatments have one primary objective - to reduce and ultimately correct your vertebral Subluxations.

What is a Subluxation? A subluxation is a vertebrae of the spine that is out of alignment with the one above and the one below resulting in nerve pressure. This nerve interference has an effect similar to that of an electrical short circuit between the mind and body. The result is bodily dysfunction, pain, and/or other symptoms. The Chiropractor's job is to remove the subluxation allowing the nerve impulses to get to the tissues and replace the abnormal cells with normal cells. This is how chiropractors aid the healing process.

Below is an illustration of a subluxation pinching a nerve.


What Causes Subluxations and Pinched Nerves?
Any physical, chemical, or emotional stressors - which are greater than ones' internal resistance, can adversely effect the muscles and ligaments that support and protect the spinal vertebra. Physical Stress - can range from serious trauma to simple repetitive stressors such as sitting at your desk day after day with your head turned to the same side for six years. Past history of injuries from auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, overuse, etc....will cause subluxations to develop and accumulate. Chemical Stress - is anything from eating too much sugar and preservatives to breathing environmental pollutants. This upsets the body's chemistry which disrupts the muscle's and ligament's tone resulting in subluxations. Mental, Emotional Stress - is something we all experience just from our individual life circumstances. Mental stress effects the nervous system. Muscles tighten and subluxations develop. When subluxations are corrected and kept at a minimum, the body has greater potential to heal and stay healthy.

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