Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling and Evaluations

Many people are taking vitamins and supplements that they really do not need, while others should consider taking some form of nutritional supplementation when they are not taking any at all. Understanding that this a confusing topic for many people, Dr. Goodstein can help you to remove any confusion you have about diet and taking nutritional supplements. He utilizes gentle testing methods that are exact and specific to the person being tested. Dr. Goodstein is a firm believer that less is better when it comes to taking vitamins and nutrients, and that we should only be taking what we really need.

Dr. Goodstein prefers to use the highest quality nutritional supplements and works exclusively with the science based company Designs For Health.

Laboratory Assessment of Female Hormones, Adrenals, Immune System and Digestive Function  As a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Goodstein works with both BioHealth Diagnostics and Metametrix Laboratorys. They are both state of the art facilities that measure the functions of the body non-invasively through saliva and urine testing. Women can have their progesterone and estrogen levels tested, and both men and women can test the status of their adrenal glands, immune system strength, and digestive functions in such a way that standard medical blood analysis would not be able to identify.

Food Allergies and Environmental Sensitivity Testing Performed via Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, Dr. Goodstein can test your entire family for food allergies and environmental sensitivities. Clients often bring in grocery bags full of foods, samples of mold, dust, dander, etc...for testing. This form of testing is painless and yields very specific results.

Dietary Recommendations Dietary recommendation and food plans can be designed and tailored to meet individual needs.

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