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Massage Therapy and related services

Massage therapy services are provided by licensed massage therapists on an as needed basis. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. Below are a list of some the services available by our massage therapists.

SWEDISH MASSAGE  Swedish Massage or Relaxation Massage refers to a collection of techniques such as Effleurage, Petrissage and Friction that are designed to primarily relax the muscles. Swedish Massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of Lactic Acid, Uric Acid and other metabolic wastes. It improves circulation and helps stretch ligaments and tendons,  keeping them supple. As it can help reduce emotional and physical stress, it is often used as part of a regular stress management program.

SHIATSU  A type of deep massage where pressure is applied with the fingers and palms on particular pathways of energy called "Meridians" in Oriental medicine for the purpose of correcting imbalances within the body and stimulating the immune system to maintain and promote health.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Craniosacral Therapy uses light touch to test for restrictions in the Craniosacral system. This is done by monitoring the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it flows throughout the whole body-especially in the area of the skull, sacrum, and coccyx. These bones attach to the membranes that enclose the cerebrospinal fluid. Craniosacral Therapy's positive effect relies mostly on your body's natural self corrective ability to heal itself. 

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (MLD) This therapy helps to activate the functioning of the nervous system and immune system. While doing MLD therapy the practitioner uses flat hands and all the fingers to produce a gentle and wave-like movement to stimulate the circulation within the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing bacteria and toxins from the body. Andrea has treated many patients recovering from various surgeries, (MLD helps to shorten the recovery from Liposuction).  The results of lymphatic drainage therapy is to help detoxify the body and relieve subacute or chronic inflammation. This procedure is also good for relieving chronic pain associated with conditions like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The therapy also gives the patient a sense of deep relaxation which can aid in managing stress and insomnia.

AROMATHERAPY Andrea uses different highly concentrated extracts made from herbs and flowers. When these are blended with carrier lotions and oils they assist with the massage to promote complete relaxation or invigoration depending on one's individual needs.

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